Spring EZ Grant due March 20, 2020

What is an EZ Grant? The Twain PTSA awards grants that support their mission to enhance the curriculum and dynamic learning environment of our school   

The EZ Grant committee has almost $3,000 to award to projects this Spring. Detailed guidelines and an application are available here.

Contact Elizabeth.Fortman@gmail.com with any questions.

Tell me more about EZ Grants

A primary goal of the Twain Elementary PTSA is to support education by enhancing the curriculum and dynamic learning environment of our school. We grant money to offset classroom expenses and fund academic enrichment. Money has been budgeted to fund classroom supplies, cultural enrichment and tutoring, however, other needs may emerge over the course of the school year. The Twain PTSA has set aside funding and developed a process to provide funding for those emergent needs via an EZ Grant.

What is an EZ Grant request?

An EZ grant request can be for a project, program or items that would be paid from PTSA funds. The EZ grants will be awarded to support the Twain PTSA mission, as well as enhance the curriculum and dynamic learning environment of Twain Elementary. EZ grants should have school-wide application and impact rather than one-time events or experiences for individual grade levels.   

Past grants have been used to purchase new chairs and laptop desks for the library, playground equipment, wheeled lunch carts, class sets of headphones, camera equipment, books, the Bobcat mascot costume, and so much more!  

Who may submit an EZ Grant request?

The EZ grant request may be submitted by individual teachers, entire departments/grade levels and other members of the Twain learning community.

How does the review and approval process work?

Grant requests will be reviewed and awarded by the Twain PTSA “EZ Grant Committee,” using the funding criteria and principles listed below. The 2019-2020 budget includes $4,500 to be awarded per year.

How do I apply for an EZ Grant?

Simply download the grant application here and submit your application by 3pm on Friday, March 20, 2020. Contact Elizabeth.Fortman@gmail.com with questions.



Previous EZ Grants Approved

Grants awarded in Fall 2019 include the new lighted stop signs used by the crossing guards, a cordless drill for the custodian, folding tables and a portable laminator.  
Grants award in Spring 2019 include: 

Request Title and Description

Amount Requested

Character Trait Books for Professional Library: add books to assist in teaching Bobcat Character Traits


Soccer Balls: replenish classroom balls for recess


Disability Pride: purchase books on disability history and pride.  Support project effort with UW and Office of Education Ombuds.


Gloves for the Green Team: purchase disposable gloves for green team student volunteers


Lunch carts: continue to replace deteriorating carts with all-metal ones


Library Chairs: existing chairs are in disrepair; the library is used for library classes as well as teacher meetings, professional development classes and PTSA meetings



Other EZ Grants approved for the 2018-2019 year have included a school-wide online subscription to social-emotional learning resources, more character trait books, playground balls, soccer goals, football flags, cameras for a photography club, lunch carts, and book organizers for the Twain book room.
Contact Elizabeth Fortman at TwainFundraising@outlook.com with any questions.