The following EZ grants requests have been approved by the General membership on April 18th, 2019:

Request Title and Description

Amount Requested

Character Trait Books for Professional Library: add books to assist in teaching Bobcat Character Traits


Soccer Balls: replenish classroom balls for recess


Disability Pride: purchase books on disability history and pride.  Support project effort with UW and Office of Education Ombuds.


Gloves for the Green Team: purchase disposable gloves for green team student volunteers


Lunch carts: continue to replace deteriorating carts with all-metal ones


Library Chairs: existing chairs are in disrepair; the library is used for library classes as well as teacher meetings, professional development classes and PTSA meetings



For further EZ grants requests download the grant application here.
more grants include a school-wide online subscription to social-emotional learning resources, character trait books, playground balls, soccer goals, football flags, cameras for a photography club, lunch carts, and book organizers for the Twain book room.  
Contact Elizabeth Fortman at with any questions.